Students will be responsible for homework every night consistently throughout the year with a couple add ons here and there (i.e. study for math test). The student’s homework each night will be….homeworkhelp.gif

Read 20 minutes (I would prefer this happening with an adult at home for now and then as the students progress they can read at night on their own. This will give your students some confidence with reading out loud and makes a huge difference in their fluency. You will be amazed at some of the big words your children can read!).

Math Worksheet (The directions will always be discussed at school so that the students know what the worksheet entails. Some days if time allows I will give the students time at the end of the day to begin this to provide some extra guidance).

Spelling worksheet (To begin the year students will just be recording their spelling words one time each on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night for homework. This way the students will have written each word three times by Thursday. Their homework for Thursday night will be to study at home with an adult for their spelling test the following day).