add/subtract within ten word problems
TELLING TIME Telling time to the hour and half hour Telling time to the hour and half hour Telling time to the hour and half hour Setting the clock to the correct time

ADDITION Snowman addition Dartboard for practice with doubles to ten!
Mad Minute Practice: Enter your name and choose your level to see if you can beat the clock. Addition Fact Practice Addition Fact Practice

Place Value Mathman: Use the clue to lead Mathman to the right number.
Place Value Fruit Shoot: Visit this site to get some place value practice.

Early Numeracy Practice: Choose from a few different games that will help with number id, adding, and ordering skills.
Number + 10 practice: Take turns with a partner adding 10 to the number shown.

Christmas Tree Math: Ordering and matching numbers to clusters.

Making Ten: Practice making 10 and save the whale.
Making Ten: Click on the ball that you should add to make 10.

Number Sequence: Practice finding the missing number from the sequence.

Numerical Order Practice: Practice putting numbers in order!

Curious George Number Game: Help George find the right number!

SHAPES <-- INTERNATIONAL WORLD MATH DAY WEBSITE! Log in with your user id and password to go for the gold!!! <-- Ruler Game <-- Click on the fish and see how large it is on the ruler. Then decide if the fish needs a math kids.jpgbig tank or a little tank. <-- Type in the correct number and unit for the pencil on the ruler! Practice using your math rods! (addition drill test timed) (math addition drill test!) (MY PLACE VALUE GAME) (Place Value Duck Game) (AMAZING website that has questions covering all of the essential math skills learned in third grade. The site lets students pick which area they want to work on, tracks their progress, and increases in difficulty)
Virtual Dice (virtual dice students may use for math worksheets/games)Multiplication Space Game - Math game where you must solve the multiplication problem before the meteor hits your star station. <--- math interactive games!!! <-- division game with aliens! <-- division with crocs! Area Activity (Three Levels) Area of shapes that are NOT rectangles Perimeter Activity (Three Levels) Perimeter of Shapes that are NOT rectangles Area and Perimeter Interactive Activity (Challenging) Area and Perimeter of Shapes that are NOT rectangles congruent shapes tetris