Who Stole the Apple?apple tree.jpg
Who stole the apple from the apple tree?
(insert name) stole the apple from the apple tree.
Who me?
Yes you!
Couldn't be!
Then who?

black cat.png
tan cat.png

kate and nate.png

When zipping my slicker,I grip and think twice
Because chin skin that's nipped
doesn't feel nice!

Long I, long I,
I have an idea!lightbulb.jpg
I can ride my bike
and fly a kite.kite.jpg
I can light the fire
in the moonlight.
I can bake a pie and cut
it into a slice.pie.jpg
Can you give me a high five?

Are you in a band?cartoon band.png
Than clap your hands!
You can sing on sand.
You can sing on land.
Let’s sing in the day!
Let’s sing while we play!
Stay for a bit and join our band.
Stay for a bit while you clap your hands!

My dog is odd.spot.png
His name is Spot.
Be careful or he might even
eat your sock!
His spot is not
tan, black, or grey.
His spot is green!
Spot wants to play!

The Quietest Boy -Poem
A boy was so quiet
That when he spoke,
He made no noiseUntitled.png
Like a puff of smoke.
But then one day
I told him a joke
And he laughed so loud
I thought he might choke!
And after that,
Whenever we spoke,
He always told
That funny old joke.

What Do You Need?

To build a houseclock.png
You need a block
To tell the time
You need a clockboat.png
To open the door
You need to knock,

To sail a ship
You need a dock.
And to cover your foot,
You need a sock.
Block, clock,
Tick tock,
Knock, dock

thanskgiving poems.png