The Concepts of Comprehension
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Explicit Information is information that can be clearly found "right there" in the text.
Drawing Conclusions is when you figure out what a text means by using what you already know and information from the text.
Vocabulary in Context means figuring out the meaning of a word by looking at the words and sentences around it.
Figurative Language refers to words that mean something other than what they say.
Genre is a type of text, such as fiction or nonfiction.
Sequence is the order of events or steps in a text.
Character refers to the looks, traits, thoughts, actions, and relationships of a person or animal in a text.
Setting tells you where and when a story takes place.
Plot is the events that make up the main story of a text.
Cause & Effect: Cause is the reason why something happens. Effect is what happens as a result.
Predicting is deciding what will most likely happen next in what you are reading.
Main Idea is the big idea in a text. It tells you what the text is mostly about.
Text Features are words and pictures that help organize and highlight information. Examples include headlines, photographs, and captions.Microsoft Word - Reading Comp Cueing Cards (11).png
Classify & Categorize: Categorize is when you gather together information that is the same or almost the same. Classify is when you give that information a name.
Fact & Opinion: Fact is information that someone can prove true or false. Opinion is what someone believes about a subject.
Compare & Contrast: Comparing is noticing how two or more things are alike. Contrasting is noticing how they are different.
Pronoun Reference means connecting the pronouns in a sentence to the nouns to which they refer.
Point of View is the viewpoint from which a story is told to the reader.
Voice is how an author expresses his or her personality or attitude through language.
Author's Purpose is the reason why an author has written a text for readers.
Theme is the message that an author is trying to share with the reader.predicting_pic.jpg